Monday, August 24, 2009

Inspirations of the girl with A.D.D.

My inspirations, all topsy turvy.

The female cast from "Living Single" (1993)Max, (far left) is by my favorite charcter.
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Princess Diana. I have loved her since i was a little girl, she so beautiful elegant, stricking, and poise.
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Jane Fonda in Barbarella. Shes so seductive and minx like, the outfits in this movie are incredible.Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Parker Posey, shes just fabulous.

I take my inspiration from all over the place.
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  1. i'm a big fan of bellbottoms... to me, they never go out of style. do you embroider them yourself?

  2. i really think that princess diana is cool ;)

  3. Thanks for hanging out on my blog...

    i love, love parker posey and princess Diana was always so classy..