Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Look of Many

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Denim vest, i added the studs myself: $5.00, side walk sale on 12th street and avenue B
Black leather high waisted shorts: Vintage, $10.00, Atlantis Attic

I seem to find the most one of a kind of pieces for super cheap. Do you have any great pieces that you bought for under $15.00? Where is the most random place you have ever bought an article of clothing?


  1. Adore the stud detail on demin vest. Nice DIY job! My best cheap cheap buy are a pair of black leather pumps with 80's leather bows on the back.

    The Heartbreak

  2. i love the vest...and the fact that you paid only 5$ makes it even better

    love the stud detailing as well

  3. Wow this thrift store sounds like heaven, judging by these items and your last post. I love that you studded the vest and were brave enough to work those leather shorts!